Not only for artistic soul

If you are looking for a typical accommodation for exploring Prague, this apartment, which we call Jullian is certainly not what you are looking for. Jullian is different. Artistic. Provoking.

The whole apartment is decorated with art pieces, which lighten the historical atmosphere of Prague that is behind the windows. The main bedroom is dominated by pink carved bed and rest of the furniture is also bright pastel. The best way to enjoy Prague is to combine a history of the city and the playfulness Jullian. If you are inspired to create your own art let us know – we can deliver paintings and easel.

Second bedroom is color less pronounced, brought out in grayscale.

Inspiration behind windows

Nearby Jullian, or even in sight from the windows on 2nd floor,  you can find inspiration from sights of Čertovka, Trnkova villa, beautiful gardens, roofs and plaza outside the palace with Lennon wall.

Walks around Jullian

Jullian is a few minutes walk from Charles Bridge. Kampa island and romantic streets of Mala Strana are just outside the gate to the palace. There are not many places that offer such opportunities for romantic walks.


If you arrive by car, you can park in the courtyard of the palace and unload luggage. After getting the keys, we will give you directions a public parking, which is a few minutes walk from the palace.

Renaissance palace

Jullian is located in the original old Renaissance palace with typical graffito on the facade.

Although the palace is practically in the middle of the historical attractions of Prague, between Kampa island and Mala Strana, it is peaceful and quiet.

Fell like at home

Your satisfaction is our main concern. We will do everything to make sure your Prague trip surpass all your expectations! We will advise you where to go. What places you should rather skip.

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